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Jarrell Williams, Northwestern Wildcats, No. 4

Look Jarrell Williams isn't going to play a lot but there are three days until football okay

this guy's name is jarrell
this guy's name is jarrell

Yeah we're three days away but we're writing 4 because we're a day behind deal with it we're writing a bunch of stuff and have I believe five posts planned for today so chill out okay there are three days until football and everything is going to be alright because there are only three days til football and maybe I'm running on fumes but they're the best fumes ever because they're the fumes that indicate there are only three days until football.

Jarrell Williams!

Origin myth

Jarrell is from Robbins, which is a south side suburb, and went to Harold L. Richards, which is where Dwyane Wade went to high school:

He played pretty much every role for the squad there: as a junior, he DB, wide receiver, running back, kick returner, punt returner, etc. As a senior, he'd have 50 with three picks, two forced fumbles, two defensive scores, 408 yards rushing with six touchdowns on only 40 carries, and 18 catches for 272 yards. His squad won conference championships his junior and senior years, and as a senior, he was first-team all-State per the IHSFCA and Sun-Times. Highlights!

A) WHITE AND PURPLE WHITE AND PURPLE WHITE AND PURPLE b) Is this the second YT highlight video to feature "Champions" by Ron Artest, or am I just remembering doing this last year? c) okay it makes up for it with "Hustlin" d) It's cool that he's faster than everybody and the lob catch he makes that I was legitimately sure was an interception at 1:40 or so is cool too, but the most impressive part of this video are the HITS. Dude lays wood. 3) also don't start your video with a WR throwback pass where it isn't clear if you're the guy throwing or catching.

Anyway, Jarrell was a three-star guy, ranked as the No. 73 cornerback in the nation by 247's composite and had offers from Boston College and Minnesota, but chose to commit very early to Northwestern, the first member of the Cats' class of 2011.

At Northwestern

He made seven tackles last year!

Anagram of choice

Discovering the Wildcats' true inner selves through anagrams

Jarell Williams, anagrammed, is


Miller is swill, y'all. When it comes to big ol brewing companies, I either go Bud or bust. I suppose this is the Raja of awful beer, a Indian lord over poor beer choices?

How he can help

I'm not sure if Williams was a gunner on last year's punt team, but if he wasn't, a lot of the guys who were are now in the two-deep at corner or wide receiver. Williams seems to have the athleticism to fill that role, so look for him there, I guess.

Depth chart

It seems like guys like Dwight White have passed Williams by at cornerback, but he's only a sophomore, and could always make a comeback. He's not listed there.

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