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Terrance Brown, Northwestern Wildcats Football, No. 26

NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL CAMP STARTS TODAY /runs through wall (also some stuff about RS freshman Terrance Brown)


You might have noticed we were devoid of countdown posts the last few days.

To be fair, there was no No. 30. To be fairer, No. 29 Xavier Menifield is a freshman running back, No. 28 Tim Hanrahan got switched to No. 1 -- congrats on his Bo Cisek Living Memorial Team Mascot Award -- and No. 27 is walk-on running back Mike Panico. There's a few other players with those numbers too, but nobody important that we missed. (If someone was eagerly looking forward to these posts, holler at me and I'll loop around to them.)

I started out doing these posts about two weeks ahead of time so I'd have room to slack off if needs be, but due to work, which I have more of than I've ever had at any point in my life, and also other stuff, everything slowly caught up with me to the point I was writing countdown posts super early in the morning on the day the post was due. Last week, I took a couple of days off to drink heavily on Cape Cod, and, well, here we are.

So, well, sorry about that, but let me just say: this year, there will be more content, and better content, than we've had at SoP ever before. That's cool! Writing about college football is kinda sorta my job, I think, and I'm just so, so excited for this season that's less than a month away, and I get to write about it here. Ahhh!!!!

Anyway, today is literally the start of Northwestern football practice. TODAY IS LITERALLY THE START OF NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL PRACTICE!!! That leaves us with Terrance Brown.

Origin myth

It's actually extremely difficult to find stuff on Terrance Brown, because of Terrence Brown, the Stanford cornerback pictured up there. But anyway: Terrance, with an A and not an E, hails from Los Alamitos, California, which means "lil Alamos" in Spanish. (An Alamo is a tree. There were trees near The Alamo in San Antonio.) He had two picks and two forced fumbles for his squad as a senior, and made it to the Orange County All-Star Game. I'll just assume his life was exactly like "The O.C.," which I never watched an episode of but I believe was about attractive people having drama. He really wasn't a highly regarded recruit -- he didn't have a Rivals page when he committed to Northwestern in December, 2011, nor did he have any other offers -- but whatever. Here he is playing for a school apparently abbreved as "Los Al," mainly doling out hits at safety but also with some snaps at RB, with an edited soundtrack of "(Extremely derogatory/pejorative term for people of African-American descent) in Paris."

At Northwestern


Anagram of choice

Discovering the Wildcats' true inner selves through spelling

Terrance Brown, anagrammed, is


Craters are formed when foreign objects smash into the surfaces of rocky planets and satellites. Terrance Brown is a safety and is going to be smashing into opposing players, possibly creating tiny craters on their surfaces. (Note: I know that craters can also be formed via explosion, and if you point this out I will hunt you down.)


"Look at Me Now," Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne

This video here is actually an intersection of two things I am very much not a fan of: a) Chris Brown, who in addition to not being a very good person, is also this annoying tiny dance-pop singer who in this song, attempts (quite poorly) to do rapping, and b) attempts to intentionally, humorously mangle the intent of rap music, or translate it into "white" parlance, which often turns into "let's laugh at how people with different social backgrounds talk."

But I still laugh at like five or six things in this video. Mainly the "no flopping" zone and the toupee.

Shoutout to Jordan Mabin

SHOUTOUT TO JORDAN MABIN. A reminder that we keep this page with all Northwestern's NFL players constantly updated.

How he can help

Y'all notice that in all this time, we ain't done no safeties yet? Curious, is all.

Depth chart projection

Maybe we read too much into stars, but even at a relatively light position, it doesn't seem as if Brown is in the mix at safety. Then again, he's just a redshirt freshman, so there's room to grow.