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Northwestern-Ohio State to be broadcast on ABC nationally

Northwestern will have the stage to upset Ohio State -- now all they have to do is perform.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Northwestern' marquee game against Ohio State under the lights at Ryan Field will be on the biggest stage available for a Northwestern game: ABC, as the primetime Saturday night game.

So, Saturday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. Central. We know for a fact now-No. 17 Northwestern will be 4-0, and Ohio State will be top 10 even if they lose to Wisconsin this week. No, we cannot wait.

This doesn't seal Northwestern's chance of hosting College Gameday, but it certainly helps -- Kirk Herbstreit is the announcer of the game and one of the personalities on Gameday. This past week, he got from Fargo to Austin for Kansas State-Texas, but, obviously, ABC tries to spotlight its signature game for the evening on Gameday.

Of course, Herbstreit went to Ohio State, while his partner, Brent Musburger, went to Northwestern. Should be a fun pairing.

When was the last time NU was the feature ABC game? I'm sure the answer is easy to find, but I know for a fact it hasn't happened since I started paying attention to Northwestern football. Was it the win over OSU in 2005?

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