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Kain Colter, Venric Mark injury updates: Actually, we do have news

Earlier today, we pointed out that it was in Northwestern's best interest to not tell us anything about Kain Colter and Venric Mark's injuries, and that we probably wouldn't get much news on them. Well, color me surprised: Pat Fitzgerald was actually reasonably forthcoming about the injuries to his starting quarterback and running back, and said he expects both to play this week -- with some caveats.

On Colter: So Kain Colter actually has a concussion, which we basically knew after seeing him on the sidelines, and Northwestern will take it easy with him although he's expected to play. Summary? Expect Kain to play, but, hey, maybe he won't.

On Venric:

We learn even less here. The good news is it seems both players should be at game shape or nearing it by Saturday. NU will go out of their way to rest these dudes, but if needs be, it seems like there is a good likelihood that they both will play Saturday. Of course, this could be gamesmanship: we received no indicators Mark was feeling dinged up before the Cal game, but, as we could see pretty quickly, he was. Saying Mark and Colter could both be in the mix Saturday could just be forcing 'Cuse to prepare for them -- I remember Dan Persa being supposedly in game shape Weeks 1, 2, and 3 back in 2011, so I have reason to be skeptical.

The bottom line, though: Trevor Siemian and Treyvon Green led the way in a win against Cal. Northwestern should once again be in alright shape with those two guys playing heavy minutes against a Syracuse team that shouldn't be oodles better.

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