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Kain Colter injury update: Northwestern QB practices in full, expected to play vs. Syracuse

Kain Colter returned to the practice field Wednesday after suffering a concussion Saturday, and should be good to go on Saturday against Syracuse.


As noted: concussions are important to take slowly, but if he's practicing in full today, that's a good sign -- although practices for quarterbacks, are, of course, non-contact.

Quite frankly, I wasn't particularly worried about Colter's status for Saturday -- Trevor Siemien just proved he could win a game by himself, and was responsible for a game-winning TD drive last year against this very same Syracuse team when Colter was, once again, hurt in a season opener -- but we all know what the mobile QB can bring to Northwestern's offense, and we can all admit that it was kind of lacking in Northwestern's 44-30 win.

Colter had not practiced Tuesday, which was to be expected.

Now we worry about Venric Mark, who is the other half of Northwestern's zone read and option-based rushing attack. His leg injury is kind of more ambiguous, and although it never fully knocked him out of the Cal game, clearly hampered him. Here's to him also

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