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Northwestern, 48, Syracuse 27: Postgame thread

Northwestern dominated. DOMINATED!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

2-0! I can't think of many things that didn't go well for Northwestern in a beatdown of Syracuse.

NU just dominated. Dominated! The Wildcats scored the first 20 points of the game, covering the spread really quickly. They shut down anything Syracuse did through the passing game, recording somewhere between 40 and 132 interceptions. They passed the ball phenomenally well, something like 400-plus yards passing with under five incompletions combined between Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian. Tony Jones had damn near 200 yards receiving. And they did this all without Treyvon Green!

Even the tarp was fine! Northwestern had its largest home opener attendance in a long time!

We came into this year excited about Northwestern. We are now even more excited about Northwestern. I don't know how that happened, and I am perfectly fine with it.

Here's your space to freak out, everybody. And you deserve to freak out, because, guys, this is a football team.

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