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Lawsuit Sips! And stuff about Northwestern

Here's what you should be reading this week.

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Jamie Squire

It's a new week. Here's what you should be reading!

- The first thing you should read (which you probably already have) is this Sun-Times profile of Tom Hruby, the 32-year-old Navy SEAL who is trying to walk on to the Northwestern football team as a defensive end. Great story.

- In not so great news, Venric Mark got suspended for the first two games of the season. Here's why it's not a huge deal.

Henry has a great round-up of how NU's former stars did in the NFL preseason.

- In case you somehow hadn't heard, the NCAA lost the O'Bannon case, but still got a pretty favorable outcome. I broke down the ruling for SB Nation and, and explained why Judge Claudia Wilken's specific injunction didn't make a lot of senseJon Solomon of CBS Sports and Patrick Hruby of Sports on Earth both have great breakdowns, as well.

- The NCAA is changing its governance to an "autonomous" structure. Here's a breakdown of what it means.

I went on WNUR Sports with Cameron Songer to discuss Northwestern, O'Bannon and autonomy.