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Northwestern alumni players in the NFL

A look at all the former Northwestern Wildcats currently on NFL rosters, constantly updated as NU alumni switch teams.

Last updated: 9/9/2013

Last count: 11 NFL players from Northwestern

Most popular team: Chicago Bears

Most common position: defensive tackle (Corbin Bryant, Brian Arnfelt, Barry Cofield)

Player Team Position
Brian Arnfelt, #69 Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive tackle
Corbin Bryant, #97 Buffalo Bills Defensive tackle
Barry Cofield, #96 Washington Redskins Nose tackle
Marquice Cole, #23 New England Patriots Cornerback
Jeremy Ebert, 80 Jacksonville Jaguars Wide receiver
Jordan Mabin Atlanta Falcons Cornerback
Sherrick McManis, #38 Chicago Bears Cornerback
Al Netter, #64 Tennessee Titans OL
Nick Roach, #53
Oakland Raiders Linebacker
Zach Strief, #64 New Orleans Saints Offensive tackle
Corey Wootton, #98 Chicago Bears Defensive end

9/9: Updated to reflect final roster cuts, plus Al Netter to the Titans!.

8/5: Added Jordan Mabin to the Atlanta Falcons

7/27: Updated toinclude Demetrius Fields on the St. Louis Rams

6/11: Added Mike Kafka to the Jacksonville Jaguars:

6/10: Got rid of Mike Kafka from the New England Patriots, because TEBOWWWWWWWWWWW

5/22: Added Jeremy Ebert to the Jacksonville Jaguars:

5/13: Added Demetrius Fields to the Chicago Bears:

5/2: Removed Drake Dunsmore after his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers... removed Jeremy Ebert after he was released by the New England Patriots... added Patrick Ward to the Miami Dolphins... added Brian Arnfelt to the Pittsburgh Steelers... switched Nick Roach from the Chicago Bears to the Oakland Raiders...