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Here are Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers (kinda) singing Go U Northwestern, since actual Northwestern sports are depressing

(At the 1:20 mark.) They didn't get all the lyrics, but this is still the best thing to happen to Northwestern sports this week.

Northwestern lost to a Cal team that went 1-11 last week and might not know how wristbands work and needs bloggers to break oaths of secrecy to properly gameplan and is last in SB Nation's Big Ten power rankings and life is basically hell.

But there's a bright side, and that bright side is Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers singing Northwestern's fight song on late night TV.

It appears Northwestern's two resident alumni talk show hosts could use a bit of work -- we've got "break on through that line" instead of "break right through that line," and "we will beat you all the time" instead of "we will cheer you all the time," and Colbert kinda freestyles through the middle of it too, but the gist is clear.

So let's ignore that Colbert's "they're known for their athletic programs!" was meant to be sarcastic and pretend everything is good in the land of Northwestern. Way to be, guys.