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Sippin' on Purple

Northwestern and the fight for the BTT bye

Northwestern is on its longest conference win streak in 50 years, but there's something else cool that the Wildcats can do.


Hat hat hat hat hat, hat hat hat hat hat hat hat. Hat hat hat? Hat hat hat hat hat hat.

Why Northwestern > Notre Dame felt so damn good

Northwestern's win over Notre Dame wasn't the biggest win Northwestern's ever had. But it made us infinitely happy. Here are the many, many reasons.

Northwestern beating Notre Dame would be so funny

I don't think Northwestern will beat Notre Dame. I just want them to, because I like to laugh and stuff.

NU's struggles defending the wheel route

Northwestern gives up a big play on a simple route.

BECKMAN: Philosopher, dreamer, a hypothetical king

Tim Beckman has let loose the boring, all-too-concrete world we live in. He has escaped to a higher plane, where all things are possible, and where the only limit is how beautiful you want things to be.

Northwestern Film Breakdown: Reverse! Reverse!

Northwestern dialed up misdirection for their second touchdown of the day

Northwestern football: We are the unexpected

So far this season, Northwestern has lost when it's not supposed to and won when it's not supposed to. They're supposed to lose tomorrow. But there's nothing to say they won't win the whole damn thing.

Name of the Week: WIU has a guy named Hi-C!


Northwestern will not let me cry tears of blood

If Northwestern loses to Western Illinois, I will cry tears of blood. I don't want to cry tears of blood! Here is why I think Northwestern will beat Western Illinois and avoid my bloodtears.

Name of the Week, NIU

Northern Illinois has an evil player, a player who supports an evil team, and a desroyer.

Reasons why Northwestern will beat NIU

After a false start in Week 1, Northwestern will snap back with a victory over the Huskies in Week 2. Here's why the Wildcats will crush their oppo-OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THIS DOG

Colbert, Meyers sing "Go U Northwestern" (kinda)

They didn't get all the lyrics, but this is still the best thing to happen to Northwestern sports this week.


A bug and a very cool guy are both on Cal.

Reasons why Northwestern will beat Cal

Cal was really really bad at football last year. Northwestern was okay. This, plus Northwestern's undying hatred of fellow nerds and Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, lead me to believe Northwestern will beat the hell out of Cal.

Trevor Siemian's mysterious, scandalous 40 time

Trevor Siemian says he's the fastest QB in Northwestern history -- and almost the fastest in NFL history. So is he a dirty, dirty liar, or has Northwestern's coaching staff failed him -- and us?

Colter, Ebert have Lion King themed puppies

The key to making an NFL roster at wide receiver is puppy ownership.

Featured Fanshot

Hey, look, another new scoreboard!

Featured Fanshot

Hey, look, a new scoreboard!

Featured Fanshot

Northwestern's Forgotten NBA Star

In this season of basketball futility, a story to brighten our spirits: Forgotten among Northwestern's many alumni is the NBA* league MVP from 1994!

* Where NBA = Nepal Basketball Association

Senior night for Drew

One last night up in Welsh-Ryan for Drew Crawford.

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Players are Employees? Ok, Put Them on a Contract.

Northwestern women's basketball: In it to win it

The Northwestern Wildcats enter the Big Ten Tournament today, needing four wins and four days to reach the NCAAs.

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Calling Wildcats!

Nebraska is dumb and sucks

We gotta watch this i guess


We reached the peak of Northwestern football Tuesday, when Patrick Ward said his engineering classes made him a better blocker.

Why are Mommy and Daddy yelling

Northwestern's ex-QB and Northwestern's coach are fighting in a labor dispute, and it's ugly -- but neither is the bad guy.


Northwestern's top center is injured. Their backup center is suspended. THEIR THIRD STRING CENTER WEARS A YARMULKE. And tonight is his night.

NU vs. Ohio State in basketball!

Stop talking about unions, guys. We got hoops to watch.

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Apparently someone in Rome doesn't like NW!

NU is a bad test case. NU is the best test case

Tuesday's union hearings revealed Northwestern might not be the ideal place for college football players to begin unionizing. Which kind of makes it the best place for them to begin.

NU plays Minnesota in hoops!

Northwestern's playing a team Northwestern already beat in basketball!


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