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Tuesday Sips: Now With 1000% More Humble Bragging

There's some news here, but it's mostly an excuse to brag about Will Leitch commenting on the site.

Monday Morning Sips: Around College Basketball Nation

Cincinnati-Xavier brawl, the return of Indiana basketball, Doug McDermott's brilliance, Utah's incompetence, and more.

Monday Sips Loves The Coaches Poll

Northwestern news and notes.

Friday Sips Is Blazin' Y'all And Disappearin' In The Fog

Big Ten basketball news and notes.

Sunday Night Sips: All Basketball All The Time

Northwestern basketball news, links, and general tomfoolery.

Sunday Sips: Reviewing The Weekend In The Big Ten

Illinois struggles, Minnesota and Indiana embarrass themselves, Army reverts back to the mean.

Monday Sips Is Still Suffering Post Army Loss Stress Disorder

College football and basketball news, links, and commentary.

Sunday Sips: Recapping Saturday's Games

Lots of links.

Returning from Vacation Sips: What Happened While I Was Away

Lots o stuff! Like our basketball court, 44-foot-tall Fitz, and our starting running back is Jacob Schmidt?

Friday Sips, featuring Tyler Scott, Good Works, Wrigley, and more

Some stuff that done happened around the Northwestern sports world.

Ethics, RPI, Shurna's NBA Prospects, and other Wednesday Sips

Odds and ends on Northwestern sports, including a facilities upgrade.

Wednesday Sips: Northwestern-Eastern Illinois kickoff time set, Northwestern's Chris Lashmet Drafted by Pirates, and more

Northwestern happenings, including John Shurna playing for USA Basketball and that stuff I mentioned in the title.

Tuesday Sips: In Which Stanford Redefines Snobbery

Stanford alums will make more money than you, NU football beats out Iowa for a recruit, and other news items.

Tuesday Sips: The Tressel Scandal, Luke Donald and more

Thoughts on the Ohio State football scandal: SI giving themselves too much credit and Terrelle Pryor is really dumb fo' real. Also some Northwestern news and notes.

Tuesday Sips: In Which Ed DeChellis Is Wearing a Pashmina Afghan

Thoughts on DeChellis leaving Penn State, along with crazies, racists, and sellouts.

Tuesday Sips

Mitch Henderson could coach at Princeton and other stuff.

"We got the kind of rhymes that get you ready for the weekend"

Midnight Madness recap plus Big Ten picks

Being Ranked, Sorta, and other Monday Sips

We're ranked! Ehh, not really.

Wednesday Sips

Our running back situation is screwed.

Friday Sips

Janet Jackson.

Friday Sips

Sips and other stuff.

Tuesday Sips

Depth Chart stuff and miscellany.

Playing Creighton and Other Me Returning From a Trip Sips

I was gone for a long, long time.

Scrimmagin, Roadtrippin, Kyle Rowley Dominating, and Other Monday Sips

Kyle Rowley is so versatile.

Monday Sips

Friday Sips

Sponsored by Lucas Oil. (Not Really).

Monday Sips

Workweek, yo.

Kevin Coble Peacing Out Sips

The webs are depressed.

Friday Sips

Yeah son.

Tre Demps, Alex Marcotullio and other Sunday Sips

Goodbye, sweet Open Championship updates and your Eric Chuns.

Monday Sips


Monday Sips


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